Friday, October 19, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Engineers HUGE Donation to Marine Corps Law Enforcement Charity

Rush Limbaugh has turned the tables on Harry Reid, defeatist democrats and all the lying phonies who have accused our troops of atrocities. The letter Harry Reid and Senate Democrats signed slamming Rush Limbaugh for being "unpatriotic" in criticizing "phony soldiers" who lied about their service and made false accusations about U.S. forces is generating a HUGE charitable donation for the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation.

Rush has pledged to match the sale price of the letter, all of which is donated to the MC-LEF ,with an equally large donation to help the fund the education of children of Marines, Federal Law Enforcement and others whose father or mother has been killed in the line of duty.

Here's a challenge to all the phonies in the Democrat Party who called Rush "unpatiotic:" Put up or shut up. You people can give millions to slime machines like Moveon.org and nothing to charities that support the children of fallen soldiers? Who supports our troops? Not you phonies!

Democrats are always yammering about doing something "for the children" and yet, who do they give their money to? The Children or Moveon.org?

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