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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Live Chat for Sunday GOP Candidate Forum in New Hampshire

Watch the forum live on Fox News, read instant analysis and give your comments LIVE!

We had so much fun with the Live Chat on the night of the Iowa Caucus, I thought we'd try something even better as we watch and critique the GOP candidate forum in New Hampshire Sunday night.

And if we like it, we'll do it live for the New Hampshire results on Tuesday night.

Jay at Stop the ACLU recommended what's called "Liveblogging" which fosters a bit more thoughtful and relaxed minute by minute reflection on events and tends to discourage comments that are simply GO [fill in the blank] or [fill in the blank] sucks!

So, if you want to give it a try on Sunday evening during the Fox News GOP candidate forum in New Hampshire, please check in here as we follow the forum live. We'll evaluate the result and may use this platform for Tuesday's result as well.

If you'd like to put the Liveblog window on your blog and simulblog along with us, include your email in the form for comments below (only I see your email address) and I will send you the code.

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