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Monday, May 26, 2008

Skye Speaks on Assault by Peaceniks

When I named Skye the Mike's America "Blogger of the Year" for 2007 I knew she had the right stuff. What I didn't know is that she would quickly become a target for the people who pretend that peace and non-violence are are their highest objectives.

Skye, the first female member of the Flopping Aces posse (article archive here),as well as the author of her eclectic and electric blog Midnight Blue, has been an active participant and organizer of Pro-Victory counterprotests in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

It's a group of patriots who observe Memorial Day every weekend by showing up on a street corner in this mid size Pennsylvania town to show their support for our troops. The group formed shortly after one man, Rich Davis, began a lonely vigil on the street corner to counter the angry left wing "peace" activists that had been unopposed in that town square for years while trashing our country, besmirching our troops and generally demonstrating the sour and angry disposition that appears to be epidemic among that class of bitter aging hippies.

Kevin Ferris, writing in the Wall Street Journal, published a wonderful account of the Rich's group, which calls itself the Chester County Victory Movement and blogs as "The American Sheepdogs."

Often the "peace" protesters cross the street to confront, harass and attempt to intimidate the victory movement people. Mostly, these efforts are directed at the women who participate in the VICTORY demonstration.

Skye often documents these scenes with a video camera. And in this short clip, you'll see a peacenik getting nowhere attempting to browbeat one of the women in the VICTORY gathering. In his frustration he violently slapped the camera in Skye's hand:

After this assault the man went on to assault a police officer who was called to the scene. The man was charged and a prosecution ensued.

Skye was unable to comment on the matter while the legal process unfolded. Now that her role in that has been concluded, she graciously offered to participate in the following Q&A which traces her involvement in the VICTORY movement as well the events surrounding the assault. Perhaps we can get her to answer any questions readers may wish to leave in the comment section as well.

The Audacity of disagreement.
Read the rest via Flopping Aces, but feel free to come back here and comment!

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