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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When Global Warming Hoax is Exposed: Will We Roll Back Unneeded Environmental Regulations?

Most likely, the answer is NO!

Readers here know I have a fondness for polar bears, especially cute and fuzzy polar bear cubs. I would be the first person to support action to protect polar bears, or any species, that is reasonably in danger of becoming extinct due to man's activity. But that's not what is happening with the placement of polar bears on the endangered species list. It is further proof that environmental regulation has become hopelessly politicized, totally undermining the important mission that the Endangered Species Act originally intended.

There are MORE polar bears NOW than EVER.

After reading Wordsmith's take on the issue, I called up climate scientist Roy Spencer's article at National Review: "Arctic Fairy Tale." The last sentence of which asks: "I only hope when global warming ends, and is accepted to be a largely natural phenomenon rather than manmade, that all of the regulatory mistakes we’ve made can somehow be undone."

Unfortunately,the answer to that is a BIG NO! Have you ever heard of a government program that just went away? How many taxes were eliminated after being enacted? All of the carbon credits, cap and trade, proposed international taxes (targeting the U.S.) will become enshrined even when it becomes obvious to nearly everyone but diehard envirozealots that global warming is a scam! The libs will just say they need to that money to fund their next one world socialist scheme.

As John McCain said "even if we are wrong, we will have a cleaner world." If that were the only consequence of following the zealot's prescriptions for this scam that would be fine. But meanwhile, $trillions will be wasted that could instead go to alleviate the very real problems of poverty, disease and illiteracy in the developing world. That lack of attention may mean the loss of millions of lives in Africa all for the sake of a lie.

Every day, evidence mounts that proves global warming is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind. And the victims of this fraud will be those most in need of REAL help for REAL problems!

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