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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Obama Lie

Obama Backtracks
Brit Hume's Political Grapevine
June 24, 2008

Barack Obama says he backtracked on a pledge to take public financing for the general election partly because he needs funds to counter those 527 committees that may attack him from the right. And he argues John McCain will do nothing to "stop the smears."

But Cybercast News Service reports that Democratic 527s have raised three times as much as their Republican counterparts: $87 million to $24 million.

The director of the nonpartisan Campaign Finance Institute says that Obama "wasn't complaining when he went to the American Federation of State and Municipal Employees Union this week, which ran an ad paid for by its 527 to attack John McCain."

As one Obamaton apologist said "so what?" Who cares if Obama lied in his pledge to accept public financing? Who cares if he lied in justifying his actions by pointing to GOP oriented 527s?

Who cares if Obama is a liar who will do or say anything to gain power?

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