Obama Listening In.

Obama Listening In.

Obama Listening In. Susan Rice shares secrets with Obama!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Can We Afford the Democrats?

The poor are hardest hit by Democrat policies which have resulted in soaring prices!

full size graphic here.

full size graphic here.

full size graphic here.

Fill up your tank with "Pelosi Premium" if you can afford it!

“Democrats have a commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices"
--Nancy Pelosi, April 24, 2006

What is the Democrats plan? So far, none of their energy legislation has added one ounce of oil to supply the needs of Americans. However, they have had plenty of ideas to RAISE gas taxes (here, here and here) and gas prices even higher.

Republicans HAVE a plan that would loser gas prices. But thus far, House Democrats have refused to allow the "No More Excuses Energy Act" to come to the floor for a vote.

What are Democrats afraid of?

You won't have much "change" left by the time Democrats are through!

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