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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Next Time You Fill Your Gas Tank Thank Democrats for the High Prices

Curt has another great post up on who is to blame for high gas prices. In it he compares the various methods by which we could increase the supply of oil to the percentage of Democrats who oppose those measures.

The bottom line is that Democrats stand in lockstep opposing EVERY initiative that would increase the supply of energy from nearly every source capable of alleviating the current high price at the pump.

full size image here.

At a minimum there is 42-45 billion barrels of oil easily recoverable and with no threat of harm to the environment. However, new technology and a better understanding of geology is suggesting that we may have many, many times more than this amount. Enough to satisfy ALL the energy needs of the American people for decades to come.

But one thing is for sure, if we don't drill for it, we can expect the price to go higher and watch as trillions more in consumer dollars go the Arabs and Venezuelans instead of being earned, invested and taxed in the United States to help pay for the development and implementation of future alternatives.

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