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Saturday, June 21, 2008

President Bush Hits Gas Prices and Democrats in Radio Address

Special Photo Report: President Bush's Effort to foster petroleum alternatives!

With Obama's latest utterings taking up the headline portion of the daily news, readers may have overlooked President Bush's efforts to encourage Congress to open vast federal lands and offshore sites to oil exploration and recovery.

In his radio address on Saturday (full text here), The President reiterated the four main points he discussed on Wednesday:
  1. Again, he asked Congress to lift the ban on offshore drilling. " Experts believe that the OCS could produce enough oil to match America's current production for almost ten years."
  2. Congress should remove the ban on leasing federal lands for oil shale production. "One major deposit in the Rocky Mountain West alone would equal current annual oil imports for more than a hundred years. Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress are standing in the way of further development."
  3. Drill in ANWR. "Scientists have developed innovative techniques to reach this oil with virtually no impact on the land or local wildlife. With a drilling footprint that covers just a tiny fraction of this vast terrain, America could produce an estimated 10 billion barrels of oil. That is roughly the equivalent of two decades of imported oil from Saudi Arabia. "
  4. Expand refining capacity. "Lawsuits and red tape have made it extremely costly to expand or modify existing refineries. The result is that America now imports millions of barrels of fully refined gasoline from abroad. This imposes needless costs on American families and drivers. It deprives American workers of good jobs. "

For years, congressional opposition has prevented the safe, economical recovery of U.S. petroleum resources that might have prevented this current crisis. Only Congress can fix the problem by acting NOW before the situation gets far worse.

Special Photo Report: President Bush Highlights Energy Alternatives!

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More Information

There is a great deal of substance that accompanies these photo-ops and demonstrations. The White House has several key documents and presidential speeches with the details of an energy plan for America's future.

The time to act is NOW! Further delay means nothing but needless financial strain on every American family!

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