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Monday, June 16, 2008

President Bush's 2008 European Tour: A Pictorial of the Trip

So many opportunities to work with our allies to solve problems!

President Bush's European tour didn't get much coverage. But it was an important trip. It gave the President to meet one on one with a number of our key friends and allies as well as participate in the EU-US Summit and other events.

Aside from the pomp of a Presidential tour, there was much substance as our allies are converging on the question of how to deal with Iran's refusal to halt uranium enrichment and to review the progress and challenges ahead in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Like any great trip to Europe, the story is best told in photographs....

President George W. Bush speaks to the media before departing the South Lawn of the White House for Andrews Air Force Base en route to Europe for a weeklong visit during which he will address a variety of issues with counterparts in Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Vatican City, France and the United Kingdom. Said the President, "The U.S. economy has continued to grow in the face of unprecedented challenges. We got to keep our economies flexible; both the U.S. economy and European economies need to be flexible in order to deal with today's challenges. I'm looking forward to my trip..." White House photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

To save space I have posted the remaining photographs (there are many) at Flopping Aces. But please come back here to comment.

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