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Friday, June 06, 2008

Stolen Bank Card Used to Fund Obama Campaign

What else would you expect from a candidate who surrounds himself with felons?

Stolen card used to fund Obama's bid for the White House
Kent Online
June 5, 2008

Thieves stole a bank card from a Kent [U.K.] couple then fleeced the account to fund US presidential hopeful Barack Obama's campaign trail.

Shocked Tania Parker, of Stanbrook Road, Gravesend, discovered the bank account had been mysteriously emptied after she tried to withdraw money from a cash point.

When she called Lloyds TSB stunned Tania was told fraudsters had illegally made two donations totalling £210 to fund Obama’s race for the White House.

She said: "It’s crazy, I couldn’t believe it. I’m not even an Obama fan - I prefer Hillary Clinton!

"When your card gets nicked you expect them to buy designer jeans or jewellery - not go topping up the coffers of some foreign politician."

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