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Monday, July 28, 2008

Founder of Bush Hating Group Used It to Launder Money from Prostitution & Sex Club

Not likely you'll hear much about this culture of corruption in the "news" media!

New York attorney and Founder of "Voter March", Louis Posner, used the now defunct Bush hating group to launder money from an illegal sex club he operated in New York City by the name of Hot Lap Dance Club.

The club was busted after an investigation which revealed drug dealing and prostitution were common at the establishment.

The female "employees" also complained that the Bush hating, money laundering Posner was a total leech who demanded sex of the women.

"He treated the girls as if they were property," one employee, a New Jersey resident in a tube top and skirt, told the NY Daily News. Another employee told the NY Post "Lou is a scumbag. I hope he burns in hell."

Employees of the Hot Lap Dance Club appear in court.

No word on whether former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer(DEMOCRAT), who resigned in March after it was learned he had his own setup with prostitutes, was among the clients.

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