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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Skye is Going to the GOP Convention

She'll be OUR eyes and ears in Minneapolis in September!

When Mike's America named Skye at Midnight Blue Blogger of the Year it was because of her eagerness to get out there be part of the action and give her readers live reports from the scene at events in Washington, DC or her own Victory Coalition in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

So, it should suprise no one that Skye's desire for adventure and generosity in sharing with readers shouldn't take another bold new course.

Skye: Official blogger at the GOP Convention!

Skye will be filing on the scene reports from the 2008 GOP Convention in Minneapolis and giving those of us who stayed at home a taste of how much fun a convention can be.

Here's her announcement video:

Readers will be invited to interact with Skye online throughout the convention, September 1-4.

Support Skye-Live

It's not cheap to have your own personal blogger on the ground in Minneapolis, so we're hoping the generosity of our readers will be equal to the generosity of spirit Skye puts into every one of her blog posts.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can help:

$5 buys Skye a drink at one of Minneapolis's better watering holes as she grills nervous delegates on their choice for McCain's V.P.
$20 buys Skye a reasonable lunch near the convention site while she hobnobs with the press and asks "why ARE you people so in the tank for that lightweight Obama?"
$50 buys Skye a fine meal at a swanky restaurant while she needles sheepish RNC officials on their general timidity.
$100 goes a long way towards buying Skye a comfortable, yet fashionable, pair of shoes so she can catch the shuttle bus back to her hotel room and tell us all the inside scoop before trotting off to another party.
All Donations Greatly Appreciated!

See you at the Convention Skye!

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