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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Denver Group Asks Police To Ignore Pot Smoking Laws During Dem Convention

These kinds of requests aren't necessary during GOP conventions!

Panel wants pot smokers left alone during DNC
The Washington Examiner
August 20, 2008

DENVER - A panel convened to implement a voter-approved Denver ordinance making possession of small amounts of marijuana the "lowest law enforcement priority" voted Wednesday to approve a resolution urging police to refrain from making arrests or issuing citations during the Democratic National Convention.

Mason Tvert, leader of the group Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation, said city police and prosecutors are ignoring the will of the voters. He said the city still requires violators to show up in court, which he warned could clog the court system

"After the Democratic National Convention ends, there will be hundreds of marijuana cases all showing up at the same time," Tvert said.
Tvert said conventioneers will be consuming large amounts of alcohol and they should have an alternative.
Apparently there will be plenty of Dems getting high on Obama in the Mile High City!

I wonder if this will be their campaign poster?

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