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Friday, August 22, 2008

Does Anyone REALLY Care About the Russian Invasion of Georgia?

Charles Krauthammer and Ralph Peters both had great articles today on the situation with Russia's invasion of Georgia.

But does anyone care?

NATO declared that it was no longer "business as usual" with Russia but that's about all they did. And the Russians couldn't care less.

The resolution in the U.N. Security Council calling for a REAL withdrawal was blocked by Russia which declared it was withdrawing from Georgia despite the fact that the world's media is on the scene describing how they are digging in instead.

Democrats working for Obama criticized John McCain for "shooting from the hip" for his strong statements on the situation at the same time other Democrats criticized President Bush for trying his hardest to give Russia's Putin the "respect" they say he deserves. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

And those on the left deluded enough to say Russia is using U.S. actions in Iraq as a justification for their invasion of Georgia should be challenged to point out the U.N. resolutions Georgia violated and compare them to those which gave coaltion allies legal justification in Iraq.

But does any of it really matter?

Other than the concrete actions taken by our Polish allies, and some visible and strong statements by Eastern European states, the relative silence over the matter among our Western European allies is troubling.

French President Sarkozy, representing the entire European Union got used in the first cease fire deal he cut with the Russians. German Chancellor Merkel had some tough talk with Russian President Medvedev in person as well. None of that seems to have made a dent.

Until France, Germany and even our British allies are willing to get in line and support the tougher measures demanded by the Eastern European states most closely threatened by Russia's action what hope is there for a united front to address the problem?

If Russia knows, as it clearly does, that a divided NATO and a worthless U.N. will not stand up to such naked aggression, than they can and will do the same and worse again.

If you don't care about that now. You will when a larger war breaks out!

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