John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton Kicks Off 2012 Campaign in Convention Speech

Forget about Obama. Hillary is already looking ahead!

In her speech to the Democrat Convention in Denver (transcript) Hillary made all the right noises. She gave what appeared to be her full support to Obama dutifully mentioning his name 12 times and also bashing McCain and the GOP.

But, to my ears, it sounded like a speech intended to signal Hillary's run for President in 2012. It's no secret Hillary thinks Obama can't win in the general election against McCain so Tuesday's speech was her best chance to stake her claim to the nomination in 2012. She'll need some of those Obama voters next time around and that's another reason she was so eager to be seen praising him Tuesday.

Hillary's speech also gave her the chance to outshine vice presidential nominee Joe Biden who addresses the convention Wednesday evening. Biden may be planning to use his visibility as the V.P. candidate for another run at the top job in 2012.

Poor Obama. In a convention that is supposed to be all about him, it's turning into a convention that's all about his replacement!

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