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John Bolton

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Michael Phelps, the Human Side

Not only is he the greatest Olympic athlete of all time, but he's a great guy too. The true embodiment of the American spirit!

With his 8th Gold Medal win for the United States, Michael Phelps goes down into the history books as the greatest Olympic athlete EVER!

If you haven't followed his career much, you might be unaware that he's also a great guy.

NBC has a high quality video on what life is like for Michael Phelps when he's not in a pool. A regular all-American 23 year old who likes to hang out with his dog Herman and EAT! Only Phelps eats six times more than the average American which puts him on par with former Vice President Al Gore's electricity consumption.

A more in-depth look at Michael's appetite:

Michael and his dog Herman:

Congratulations Michael Phelps and Team USA!

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