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Friday, August 08, 2008

Nancy Pelosi's Book Bomb

PhotobucketWe should drop this bomb on the Iranian nuke sites!

Speaker Pelosi's new book "Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters" is tanking in the non fiction book market.

Just 2,737 copies sold thus far despite the full media blitz by the Speaker to boost sales.

Meanwhile, anti-Obama books are all the rage:

#1 on the Amazon list: "Obama Nation"
#3 "The Case Against Barack Obama"
#6 Dick Morris's "Fleeced"

Recent comments left at the Amazon site describing the book may explain why sales are so flat:
  • "If this book doesn't wake up Americans about the shallowness of the people in power, nothing will. Read this and tell me how it's possible this person could wield the political power she does. Might be time to migrate to New Zealand."
  • "A total waste of time and money. If you are thinking about buying this book, you'd get more enjoyment in tossing the money out the window of a car at 60 mph and watching it flutter in the wind rather than be tortured by the vacuous content of this work. Worst of the worst books I have ever read."
  • "This book was extremely helpful. I am serious it makes a good door stop. It could also be used to be placed underneath your AC when its not evenly aligned."
  • "I just finished reading this book. It was very hard to get through. I found it poorly written as well. With respect to what she wrote, I find none of it believable. "
  • "Actually full disclosure my (very liberal) sister bought it as a gag birthday gift. ..One of the most damning things I can say about any book is that I found myself day dreaming while I was reading it; I was that bored. I found it difficult be read because Speaker Pelosi has perfected the art of using a bunch of words but not actually saying anything."
  • "I guess the real message to America's daughters is "Don't grow up to be an angry, bitter, botoxed anti-American liberal."

Don't worry Nancy. You can always force your Union buddies to buy this book by the crate and give out as souvenirs.

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