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John Bolton

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Comparing McCain and Obama Wordles

PhotobucketNot Obama's best night!

Obama often looked angry or taken off balance. Not exactly the kind of behavior you want in a Commander in Chief.

With no teleprompter to spoon feed words into his head his answers often seem disjointed as he stuttered "uuh, I, I..." throughout.

Obama has been accustomed to adoring crowds who lap up every word without question. And that's just the reporters who follow him around. Having McCain questioning the pap he's mastered during the last year standing next to him seems to have rattled him.

Word Count:

McCain: 6878 words
Obama: 7553 and that's not counting the "uhhhh's"

Graphic Word Analysis

Wordles,an interesting text tool which ranks the top 100 words by size (the most used, the larger).

Obama's Debate Wordle:


McCain's Debate Wordle:


More Photos:

Senator Obama leaving the stage with his wife Michelle. Do they look happy?

2004 Democrat nominee John Kerry after the debate with his head in his hands. Hmmmm...

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