John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meet the Alaskans Investigating Sarah Palin in the Troopergate Affair!

Talk about a stacked deck!

Sarah Palin is being investigated by the Alaska Legislative Counsel for any improper action she may have taken in firing the State's public safety commissioner or any pressure Palin may have put on him regarding her brother in law: a State Trooper known for being violent towards members of his family and threatening to kill Palin's father.

Mata Harley has the whole story covered in detail.

Questions about the partisan nature of the investigation arose after State Senator Hollis French (D), project manager for the investigation, promised the findings would be an "October surprise."

Further questions regarding the objectivity of this investigation are raised by the following photograph which shows some Democrat members of the Alaska Legislative Counsel and State Sen. French, at an Obama event July 30, 2008. From the official Obama web site:

Members of the investigative panel who also support Obama:

Chairman: Sen. Kim Elton, Juneau
Sen. Hollis French, Anchorage
Sen. Bettye Davis, Anchorage
Sen. Lyman Hoffman, Bethel
Rep. David Guttenberg, Fairbanks

Will any of us be "surprised" in October when their report comes out?

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