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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering A Day Impossible to Forget

And thankful we have been kept safe since September 11, 2001!

It's difficult to revisit a day of such pain and loss. Another anniversary of a day so horrible we wish we could forget but never can. But amongst the sadness of that day are stories of heroism and greatness that we should always honor and remember.

Images like the lifeless body of Father Mychal Judge "The fireman's chaplain" being carried away from the scene at Ground Zero in New York remind us of the loss of so many brave heroes:

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Images too of the cross of steel beams found erect in the debris giving comfort to the rescue workers searching for fallen brothers:

Remember this day the children whose fathers or mothers did not come home:

Remember that in the darkest hours, the spirit of America was undimmed by tragedy and steeled anew with determination.

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Remember that horrible day and never take the relative safety of the years that followed for granted. Your freedom, your safety and your life have been protected by heroes you will never meet who gave their lives for yours.

This day, remember the heroes whose sacrifice continues to give you life and freedom!


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