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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Alaska Investigation of Sarah Palin Bipartisan?

They've recycled the old Democrat trick of redefining words. I guess "it depends on what the meaning of 'bipartisan' is."

I watched some discussion on CNN this morning of the Alaska report on Sarah Palin where she is accused of "abusing her power" as Governor. Mata's covered this story in detail from the beginning, but I just wanted to touch on this point:

Both CNN's legal analysts insisted that this was a "bipartisan" investigation as there were members of both parties from Alaska's legislature on the committee. However that smacks in the face of the reality that the committee was headed up by an Obama supporter and the investigation was directed by an Obama supporter and the lead investigator had a clear conflict of interest.


Nearly every Democrat on the committee is pictured here at an Obama event. And these CNN analysts think partisanship has nothing to do with this? Well, what do you expect from CNN? These same "analysts" also pooh-poohed the massive voter fraud that the pro Obama group ACORN has been committing all over the country.

I'll just add that more reporters have been sent to Alaska to investigate Sarah Palin than have EVER investigated Barack Obama's ties to the terrorist William Ayers, the America hating Rev. Wright or Obama's relationship to the voter fraud group ACORN. Every vicious rumor regarding Sarah Palin has been deemed newsworthy at the same time actual facts about Obama's past are being ignored!

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