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John Bolton

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Friday, October 24, 2008

The New National Anthem....

All hail the glorious leader!

You might have heard that at a recent Obama rally in New Hampshire they canceled the National Anthem which was scheduled to be sung by a local teenager famous for his singing of the national song. Obama's people insisted that the singing of the Anthem would take valuable time away from the speakers they had lined up (probably a bunch of Marxists like Ayers and Rev. Wright).

But the truth may be somewhat different. It appears they have been working on their own version of the National Anthem and are just waiting until after the election to have their tune ratified by the Democrats who control both house of Congress:

Frankly, I prefer the original National Anthem, sung here by the U.S. Air Force Band. But if Obama is elected we are going to have to get used to "change" aren't we?

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