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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Supporter Ordered State Workers in Ohio to Investigate Joe the Plumber

Just doing her job?

Readers may recall that after Joe the Plumbers name came up in the third McCain/Obama debate a curious thing happened in Ohio. State computers housing sensitive and highly confidential information on state residents were searched to find information on Joe the Plumber. This happened at the same time the "news" media were running stories spreading dirt on Joe.

While the investigation continues, we now know that one state worker, Helen Jones-Kelley, the head of Ohio's Head of Job and Family Services, ordered a search of records for any possible outstanding child support owed by Joe. Odd since his 13 year old son lives with him and was playing football on the lawn with Joe when Obama dropped in.

But perhaps this explains it: Helen Jones-Kelley has contributed the maximum legal amount to Obama's campaign.

Was Jones-Kelley planning to leak any damaging information to the press or did she just intend to punish Joe if it was discovered he was a deadbeat Dad (he's not).

How many Democrat deadbeat Dads are avoiding their financial obligation to Ohio's children because Jones-Kelley is busy playing politics?

And where are the Democrats who screamed about Bush "spying" on Americans when we have a REAL case of infringement of civil liberties?

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