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John Bolton

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Shock and Awe: SarahCuda WON the Debate!

Video highlights from the "game changer" debate:
Debate transcript here.

Palin to Biden: "You're plan is a white flag of surrender in Iraq..."

Palin: "For a ticket that wants to talk about change []there is just too much fingerpointing backwards..."

Palin: "America is a nation of exceptionalism..."

Biden: "This is simply not true about Barack Obama. He did not say sit down with Ahmadinejad." Really? Whose picture was he looking at before he answered the question?

Fred Thompson on Palin: "I'm totally blown away...I've never seen a performance like that. She proved tonight that she was everything her friends and supporters[]thought she was and her detractors said she was not...An absolutely masterful job."

Undecided Focus Group Blown Away: SARAH WON! "spoke to the people... energetic, fresh, intelligent, mainstreet..."


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