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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Need More Proof That Dems Are Trying to Steal Minnesota Senate Election?

Whatever happened to "count every vote?" Oh yeah... I forgot... it's only count every DEMOCRAT vote!

When it was reported that Democrats in Minnesota mysteriouly discovered hundreds of votes for senate candidate Al Franken (D) in a handful of precints some folks said it was just a coincidence.

Well, what about these "coincidences?"

Here are examples of ballots for the incumbent Norm Coleman(R) that the Franken campaign is challenging in the hand recount that is underway (full recount results here):


The Franken campaign challenged this ballot in Ramsey County, arguing the voter drew an "X" in over the oval for Norm Coleman, signifying the voter's intent to cross-out the vote for Coleman.


The Franken campaign is attempting to invalidate this ballot because the name of a write in candidate is included but the ballot marked for Coleman.


Frankenstein's campaign claims the mark in the lower right hand corner is an "identifying mark" which technically is a violation of Minnesota law. Clearly no desire to respect the intent of the voter in this case.


On the presidential portion of the ballot of this vote for Coleman a smudge appears along the left hand margin. The Franken campaign also claims this is an "identifying mark" which technically would invalidate the ballot.


Frankenstein's campaign claims the erasure mark over the Al Franken oval is an indication the voter intended to select Franken, even though the oval for the Independent candidate is clearly filled in.

Now you Know Why Dems Hate Electronic Voting Machines!

As of Thursday, Franken's campaign has challenged 374 ballots and Coleman has challenged 360. And yet, Coleman's lead keeps shrining. It's gone from over 200 votes prior to the recount to 136 with more than half the state yet to complete the manual process.

At that point, the contested ballots will be sent to a canvassing board where the final determination will be made.

Clearly, none of these shenanigans would be possible if electronic voting machines were used where it was only possible to vote for a candidate, do a write in, or leave the vote for that race blank. Yet Democrats have conducted an organized effort to eliminate such machines.

Democrats have also conducted an organized campaign in key states like Minnesota to elect Secretaries of State who are sympathetic to seeing that the votes get counted their way. Big money men like George Soros have poured millions into efforts like the Secretary of State (S.O.S.) Project and it's paying big dividends in Minnesota as it did earlier in Ohio and elsewhere.


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