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Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama Supporter Issues On Air Demand: "I want m***f*** Joe the Plumber DEAD!"

Is this the kind of "change" Obama promises? Death to political opponents?

Charles Karel Bouley, an Obama supporter who writes at the Huffington Post and is a morning host on San Francisco's KGO radio made the threat during a newscast on November 2, 2008. Audio here.

In a Huffington Post column dated October 13, Bouley pulled every fear card he could muster claiming that it was McCain and Palin who endangered democracy with their rhetoric:

"Yes, I'm afraid that John McCain and Sarah Palin through their hateful, spiteful and untrue rhetoric are, no matter how inadvertent, trying to get Barack Obama out of the race, literally, as in, taken out."
And yet, even after the claim that someone at a McCain rally shouted "kill him" was proven false this Bouley character demands the death of Joe the Plumber. Joe, whose only "crime" was to ask Obama a tough question.

Joe has been investigated by teams of reporters, his private information in government files was perused by Obama supporters directing state agencies. He has been smeared, tarred and feathered. All because he asked a question.

And now this.

If you think this example of hate is an isolated incident, consider what happened today on a school bus in Ohio where a young girl and her family were threatened with violence if the parent's didn't vote for Obama. The children who made those threats obviously got the idea from somewhere. It's abundantly clear that the hate in this campaign is being directed from the top down and goes back even further than DNC Chairman Howard Dean's statement that he "hates Republicans and everything they stand for."

Question for you history buffs: when was the last time political opponents were demonized; their activities criminalized and their families threatened with physical violence?

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