John Bolton

John Bolton

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A History of the Great Global Warming Scam

Just how did the CO2 scam start? Follow the money and one-world politics to find the answer!

John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, and a weatherman for over 50 years, presents a compelling step by step history of the global warming scam.

It starts with concern over automobile pollution in the 1950's. But as that problem was solved with technology, the environmentalists needed a new crisis to ensure their continued funding. Yet to be proven theories over the effect of small increases of CO2 in the atmosphere was their answer.

But it wasn't until a United Nations bureaucrat intent on developing one world government latched onto the idea of using these unproven theories to scare western nations into taxing their carbon output that the scam/scare went bigtime.

Coleman suggests that there is hope at the end of this rainbow of woe and deception. Shortly before his death, Roger Revelle, the "grandfather" of global warming and the man who originally inspired Al Gore, began expressing profound doubts about the science that lies at the heart of the alarmist/one worlders/carbon taxers claims. The time period Revelle insisted was necessary to prove or disprove the theories has come to a close and the evidence is indicating he was right and there is no problem with CO2.

The unanswered question now is how many years will it take before the global warming zealots admit they were wrong?

Don't hold your breath... doing so will build up too much CO2 in your blood and that's one accumulation of CO2 you don't need.

Read Coleman's history here.

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