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Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Administration Makes "Last 8 Years" Official Scapegoat for the Next Four Years

If perhaps you thought President Elect Obama's slap at President Bush after the President delivered his gracious farewell address and all he has done to praise Obama and smooth the transition was an off the cuff remark, you would be wrong.

Count how many times incoming White House Chief of Staff and Illinois Governor Blagojevitch buddy Rahm Emanuel used the phrase "the last eight years" during his appearance Sunday on Meet the Press. Four times. He slipped up once by saying that the deficit problem he was complaining about started ten years ago, but quickly corrected himself as he recalled that he was part of the Clinton Administration which was in power then.

Obama has already taken the dubious $700 billion financial bailout President Bush proposed and come up with an even more dubious $825 billion+ plan of his own. And yet, when his monstrously excessive plan doesn't achieve results he is going to blame it on Bush?

I'm not surprised Obama is adopting this strategy. It's been a key element in the campaign waged by Senate and House Democrats who were directly responsible for squashing Bush Administration plans to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But that didn't stop them from blaming the financial meltdown that resulted from their actions on President Bush.

Meanwhile, we all know that like his father, President Bush won't be criticizing Obama after he leaves office. Sadly, such examples of class and dignity will be a wasted Obama.

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