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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's "Historic" Inaugural Draws Less than One Millon People

PhotobucketBut three times the amount of garbage than any previous Inauguration!

It was just six weeks ago that the "news" media was abuzz with the prospect of five million people flocking to Washington, D.C. to witness the Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama.

Such hype was seen as proof that Obama's swearing in marked a sea change in not only American politics, but the global scene as well.

It didn't turn out that way did it?

On the day of the big event, "news" organizations (I use the quote marks because they really are acting as agents of Obama's continuing political campaign) estimated a crowd of two million. After giving that headline plenty of ink, the figure has now dropped to somewhere around a million and headed south quickly.
"More than one million" is quickly becoming "about a million" and may soon settle comfortably below that according to at least one study done with photographic analysis.

A full size satellite image of the scene is available here.

It's fun watching the "news" media as they keep spinning this story. The L.A. Times is now left with this headline: "A record crowd for inauguration? Hard to say" as Obama's crowd does not seem to measure up to the all time high set for LBJ's big day in 1965. Considering how the population of the United States has grown by over 100 million since then it's further proof that Obama's crowd was large, but not historic.

Emily Badger writing at Miller-McCune suggests: "The question is an intensely personal one for the people who attended ("I was one of 2 million" sounds better than "I was one of 700,000 or so") ."

Mithridate Ombud at Newsbusters put it this way: "Obama's Million Ghost March: "I doubt it would surprise anyone here that the media would go to their best lengths to over-estimate the number of people at Obama's inauguration. But just how far? Try a million people."

Why should any of us be surprised? The "news" media has spent the past year papering over Obama's lack of experience and hyping his hopey changeness. Why let a little thing like facts get in the way of a good story.

This story is a warning of more distortions to come.

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