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Friday, February 06, 2009

Happy Reagan's Birthday!

A new documentary on the Gipper by Newt Gingrich:

My Favorite Reagan Photo

I took the above on October 12, 1984 when President Reagan took one of the last "Whistlestop" train tours through Ohio. Somehow, the bus tours of today just don't have the same feel as the classic whistlestop using the Ferdinand Magellan, or Car One. Train buffs may find the history of the Ferdinand Magellan here.
The speech (sixth item here) was classic Reagan and it's themes are just as valid today. Just substitute Obama for the name Mondale:

...[T]he American people are getting the full flavor of the very clear choice that is facing them. It's a choice between two fundamentally different ways of governing and two distinct ways of looking at America.

My opponent, Mr. Mondale, offers a future of pessimism, fear, and limits, compared to ours of hope, confidence, and growth. Now, I know that his intentions are good, and I know that he's sincere in what he believes. But he sees government as an end in itself, and we see government as belonging to you, the people, and only a junior partner in your lives.

My opponent and his allies live in the past. They're celebrating the old and failed policies of an era that has passed them by, as if history had skipped over the 4 Carter-Mondale years. On the other hand, millions of Americans join us in boldly charting a new course for the future.
All this year he's lavished his campaign with promises that staggered even his Democratic opponents. But, of course, there is a predictable answer by one who makes so many promises. The answer is higher taxes, and massive new tax increases are precisely what he proposes.
You know, in our debate I got a little angry at all those times he distorted my record. And on one occasion I was just about to say to him very sternly, ``Mr. Mondale, you're taxing my patience.'' [Laughter] And then I caught myself. Why should I give him another idea? That's the only tax he hasn't thought of. [Laughter]
Four years later I had the privilege of working for President Reagan in the White House Political Office as we set about electing the first President Bush. Description of that experience is found in "Salute to the Gipper."

Reagan's Humor

The "Great Communicator's" gift was his naturally upbeat and humor filled personality. He could even make partisan speeches about Democrats funny. Here are two short examples:

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