Saturday, February 28, 2009

Skye's Phones in CPAC 2009 Update

Our gal has been on the run... even in THESE shoes!


Skye's CPAC Party Shoes

Skye has been on the run since arriving at the Conservative Political Action Conference (agenda) in Washington, DC on Wednesday.

We're looking forward to a full report from Skye when she returns to Philadelphia on Sunday. Until then, she phoned in an update Saturday afternoon as the attendees were anxiously awaiting the keynote address by Rush Limbaugh at 5 PM EST. Live stream of the conference is at Look for replays of Rush's speech as well as many of the other great speeches on C-Span (schedule).

Here are some observations:

  • There is real excitement at this year's conference. The overreach of Obama and the Democrats has provided some much needed stimulus to the conservative movement.
  • More people were registered for this year's CPAC than there were earmarks of wasteful spending in the bill just passed by Democrats in Congress.
  • The Conference is a delightful mix of young, old and in between.
  • Major emphasis has been on revitalizing grass roots and making better use of new media (like blogs).
  • Skye's personal best highlight was the video address given by Phyllis Schlafly founder of the Eagle Forum.

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