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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Basic Training for the Conservative Comeback!

The steps YOU can take that make a difference TODAY!

A while back one of the commenters at Flopping Aces observed that we often spend too much time complaining about the latest Obama outrage while not doing much about it. The comment reminded me of a T-shirt our gal Skye was wearing when she was photographed with Michelle Malkin at the very first Gathering of Eagles in Washington D.C. to support VICTORY in Iraq. Skye's shirt declared: "Stop bitching. Start a Revolution!" That may be something of a lefty call to arms but there's no reason we can't use it too!

I cite Skye here for another reason. She's proof that one person can make a difference. She hopped in her car one day and drove the two plus hours to Washington to attend the Gathering of Eagles and next thing we know she joined with other like minded individuals in weekly demonstrations in West Chester, PA and started a grass roots conservative group to advance the agenda on the state and local level.

Here's how YOU can make a difference:

In February, I wrote the "Blueprint for the coming GOP Revolution." That post mainly addressed GOP leaders and the need to embrace new technologies and modes of communicating our message. But the most important component of that blueprint is the need to build a GOP community. If you are a regular commenter at this blog and others with similar themes you are already part of that community. The challenge now is how to channel your energy toward making an impact beyond your online circle of acquaintances and the regular contact you have with family and friends regarding conservative issues.

Each of us can do something and it's up to the individual to choose which path is best for them. Here are a few suggestions:

I. Contribute to aspiring conservative candidates

Money is the mother's milk of politics and that's even more true for conservatives who must overcome the free media advantage usually accorded to liberal candidates. If John McCain had received the same media attention Barack Hussein Obama did during the election Sarah Palin would be Vice President today!

So, donate to candidates or conservative organizations that best match your beliefs. The best $50 I ever spent was when I donated to John Thune in South Dakota in his bid to unseat then Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. I'm looking forward to tossing some more coin in the hat to unseat Harry Reid in 2010 and some to Pat Toomey, if he runs in the primary to boot RINO Arlen Specter out of office in Pennsylvania.

II. Write Letters to the Editor

All those who comment at this blog have the skill set required to compose a short letter to the editor of your local newspaper and it's vital you do so. Newspapers are deluged with letters from liberals and the more letters from conservatives the more these left leaning editors will be on notice that you are paying attention. With newspaper circulation dropping to all time lows, the pressure is on for them to demonstrate greater representation of the views of ALL their readers, not just the ones they agree with. Check the paper's online web site for the email address and make sure to keep your letter's length under the paper's requirement. Short letters are more likely to be printed.

III. Write Your Senators and Representatives

I have worked in politics and government at every level from the Court House to the White House and I can say from experience that your letters to elected officials do have an impact. You may only get a form letter reply in return, but your concerns are tabulated and reported to the boss. Emails and phone calls are fine, but they don't carry the weight of an original letter (don't send form letters). Just like letters to the editor, keep your letter short and to the point. The most impactful letters address a single topic that is currently before congress. And make sure to get the letters on their way ASAP when the muse strikes you. It won't do much good if it arrives after the vote on your issue is taken.

IV. Attend Town Halls Meetings, Other Events

If your Congressman, Congresswoman or Senator is hosting a Town Hall meeting in your area make it a point to take family or friends to attend. If you have the moxie for public speaking stand up and ask a question.

VI. Seek Out Like minded Locals

Tens of thousands of Americans have been taking to the streets in recent weeks for "Tea Parties" to protest Obama's economic policies. Attend one in your area and make sure to sign up for more information if the group is planning other events or activities. This may be the first step many of your friends, family or neighbors take to getting more involved in a larger and sustained grass roots effort. It's also a lot of fun.

You may also wish to contact your county Republican Party (do they have a web site?) Some open their meetings to the public and all have events throughout the year that you may wish to attend. You may even wish to volunteer to serve as a precinct organizer in your neighborhood.

Reader Ideas?

What additional ideas do you have to recommend to help folks get more involved and make a difference?

The bottom line: Actions speak louder than words. Make your voice heard and make it count!

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