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Monday, March 02, 2009

Why Did Michael Steele Diss Rush Limbaugh?

Does he really think that the libs or squishy moderates are going to fund the RNC if he dumps on Rush?

In the wake of Rush's bravo performance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (Curt has the video here) on Saturday, Michael Steele was interviewed on CNN by comedian D.L. Hughley.

Michael Steele calls Rush Limbaugh an "Entertainer" and his comments are "Incendiary and Ugly."!

I realize Steele is trying to appeal to a broader audience. But he's a talented guy and could easily do so without taking a slap at Rush! Had Steele turned this around and asked Hughely to demonstrate how he supported President Bush's policies we'd all be cheering instead of jeering the RNC Chairman today.

The Democrats are engaging in a deliberate strategy to split Rush Limbaugh conservatives from the Republican Party. Michael Steele should be aware of that and not play into it.

My Question: Are all you Rush hating libs now going to be donating to the Republican National Committee? If so, here's the link to their fund raising site. Please post the text of the RNC's contribution confirmation email in the comments section when it arrives.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I won't be holding my breath waiting for that to happen!

Update: Matt Lewis posted the audio of Rush's response from Monday's show.

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