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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Democrats Begin Dismantling U.S. Defenses

The only campaign promise Obama will keep is the one to gut our military.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Gary J. Schmitt and Thomas Donnelly of the American Enterprise Institute describe the cuts in our military that Obama and the Democrats are proposing.

After years of bashing Bush for either not having enough troops or not providing them the tools they need to do their job safely it's interesting that the Democrats would be so eager to weaken our defenses at a time when threats around the world are multiplying fast.

Here are some highlights from Schmitt and Donnelly's report:
  • Termination of the F-22 Raptor aircraft program. Only 187 of the 21st Century fighters will be built. Hardly adequate numbers to replace the aging fleets of 660 F-16's and provide air superiority (and troop protection) in any future conflict.
  • Reducing the Navy below the 313 target agreed to only years earlier. New generation cruisers to be delayed and other projects stretched out, delayed or canceled.
  • Delays in implementing the Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) program with direct impact on the safety and success of soldier's future missions.
  • Termination of the Airborne Laser (ABL) program (video here and here) which is the only tool we have in development that can shoot down missiles in the critical boost phase after launch. Laser technology is critical to the military of the future and setting it back will only cost lives at some point.

The lessons of History

From history we have learned that when the U.S. is strong and our defenses are maintained the risk of war is diminished. Few nations will start a fight with us or our friends if they have certainty that overwhelming military power will be used in our defense. The very threat to peace comes not from an America that is strong but an America that shows weakness and a disinterest in maintaining our military power. There is no other nation in the world that can provide that security and protect the peace.

Obama and the Democrat's plan threatens peace and risks war!

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