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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama Won't Declassify Memos Which Prove Waterboarding Saved Lives!

Suddenly, he rediscovers the need to protect secrets!

Obama's press conference last night has been likened more to beauty pageant questioning than serious journalism. However, in between softball questions such as how "enchanted" President Obama was with his new job, there were a few significant issues addressed. Jake Tapper of ABC News brought up the subject of waterboarding and torture.

In response we got a classic rambling Obama answer which reminds me of the 4 hour speeches Fidel Castro used to deliver.

The money quote from Obama's answer came when he suggested that his "no torture" policy would:
"Make us safer over the long term because it will put us in a -- in a position where we can still get information. In some cases, it may be harder, but part of what makes us, I think, still a beacon to the world is that we are willing to hold true to our ideals even when it's hard, not just when it's easy."
It's that "may be harder" part that really should stand out in the minds of every American. Especially those who work in tall buildings.

In a follow-up  by CBS's Mark Knoller, Obama was asked if he had read the memos which former Vice President Cheney described which document the information we learned from enhanced interrogations saved lives? Obama admitted he had read the memos but refused to go into detail about the information learned and the plots they stopped. No mention was made on whether he would release these memos for all to see.

Don't hold your breath.

The Obama Administration found it easy to release memos which they knew would cause a backlash against the prior Administration. They won't find it so easy to release the memos which show how vital Bush Administration enhanced interrogations were to saving American lives.

Somehow they'll claim protecting national security prevents them from declassifying those memos.

All I can say is THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT BUSH! He so decimated Al Queda's ability to attack the U.S. that it might even save us from the inexperienced, naive and foolish Obama!

But if we are attacked again, it may be because Obama preferred to play politics with national security and pander to his left wing base rather than govern like an adult.

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