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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

President Bush's Brother Accused in Sexual Assault

Got your attention didn't I? Change "Bush" above to "Obama" and read on:

Obama brother accused of UK sex assault
Samson denied British visa after incident with teen girl in BerkshireBy Gloria De Piero
News of the World
April 11, 2009
AMERICAN president Barack Obama's half brother was REFUSED a visa to enter the UK after being accused of an attempted sex attack on a young girl in Berkshire.

The News of the World can reveal that Kenya-based Samson Obama tried to get into Britain on his way to Washington for his family's big day, the historic inauguration in January.

But eagle-eyed immigration officials at East Midlands Airport, using the latest biometric tests, discovered he was linked to an incident here last November. The hi-tech database revealed that Samson - who manages a mobile phone shop just outside Nairobi - was the same man arrested by British police after he approached a group of young girls, including a 13 year-old, and allegedly tried to sexually assault one of them.

Imagine the world wide media firestorm this would be if my headline above were correct. And have you heard one comment from any women's rights group raising the volume of this issue?

Here's audio of the only commentary I could find from the usual grievance mongers:

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