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Friday, April 10, 2009

Sen Schumer (D-NY): "Traditional Values, Strong Foreign Policy Over"

Schumer trashes Reagan Conservatives! Admits Obama's bipartisan stance is all "talk." It's the first time a Democrat has admitted they have no values and are soft on foreign policy!

Wow! From the Rachel Mad Cow Show Tuesday, April 7, 2009:

SCHUMER: The world has changed. The old Reagan philosophy which served them well politically from 1980 to about 2004 and 2006 is over. But the hard right which still believes when the federal government moves, chop off its hands, still believes that, you know, traditional values kind of arguments and strong foreign policy, all that is over.
I think President Obama has a pretty smart strategy. He is going to talk bipartisanship to the American people. But realizes until the Republican grassroots pushes their people over, if that ever happens, we are not going get change in the House or Senate.
Schumer went on to describe how Democrats are attempting to get around Senate rules and force votes on Obama's radical legislative program without having to get 60 votes to override a filibuster. Later he repeated his insistence that Obama would "keep talking bipartisanship to the American people,"

Strange, but if Obama were actually proposing legislation with broad bipartisan support Dems wouldn't need to find a workaround of Senate rules and traditions. Besides, so-called moderate Republican Senators like Voinovich of Ohio have been just as upset with Obama's big spending plans as the more traditional values GOP Senators.

It's also no surprise to any of us that the era of a "strong foreign policy" is over. We've all witnessed Obama's worldwide apology tour where groveling to foreign leaders failed to win any concessions in return.

Is it too soon to start making bumper stickers for 2010? How about one that says "Vote Dem for weak foreign policy and no values!"

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