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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Barack And Michelle Take Air Force One on Joy Ride to New York for a Date

I thought we had a serious financial crisis that required everyone to sacrifice?

PhotobucketYes friends, President Obama and First Lady Michelle had another of their famous "date nights" Saturday. Instead of clogging traffic in Washington, D.C. to visit a restaurant, they hopped on the Marine One helicopter to Andrews Air Force Base, jumped on Air Force One (a Gulfstream 500, not the 747) then flew up to New York City followed by TWO OTHER PLANES for staff and press (the 747 would have been cheaper).

Upon landing in New York several more helicopters, limos, vans, police, military and other staff were waiting to escort them to Blue Hill restaurant on Washington Place and later a Broadway play: 'Joe Turner's Come and Gone' at the Belasco Theater.

Imagine for a moment the "news" media reaction if President Bush had taken Laura out for a night in New York with half the Secret Service, the U.S. Military, New York's finest and the news media tagging along at taxpayer expense?

As it is, the only criticism one could find predictably comes from the Republican National Committee whose spokesperson, Gail Gitcho commented on the hard times facing Americans and the prospect of General Motors entering bankruptcy while the Obama's party it up. She added: "If President Obama wants to go to the theater, isn’t the Presidential box at the Kennedy Center good enough?”

It's bad enough that the taxpayers were left with a bill for hundreds of thousands of dollars for staff, security, military and police time. It's also the fact that all these people had to give up their Saturday night with their families to spend it so the Obamas could cause massive traffic jams all over New York inconveniencing thousands more.

But as we have all come to expect from Obama, what happens to the little people is of no consequence to him. After all, it's all about him isn't it?

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