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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Contrast Peaceful Tea Parties with Violence Among European Left Celebrating May Day

And yet Homeland Security in this country frets about the threat of right wing terrorism?

Was there more than one arrest from the hundreds of thousands who attended Tea Party protesters across the United States on April 15th?

And yet this is what leftists, anarchists and communists got up to for the annual socialist celebration of May Day:

May Day turns violent in Turkey, Germany, Greece
May 1, 2009

...Turkish riot police fired water cannon and tear gas, firing shots and pepper spray to disperse masked protesters. Young men hurled stones and Molotov cocktails, smashing bank and shop windows in side streets.
An Istanbul police spokesman said 68 demonstrators were detained and 11 police wounded. Leftists and Kurdish separatists regularly clash with police at demonstrations in Turkey and the May Day protest last year also turned violent.

Turkey's government had declared May Day, traditionally marked across Europe and beyond by rallies by labour unions, a public holiday this year under pressure from the unions.
In Berlin and Hamburg, scattered violence erupted in the early hours of the May Day holiday injuring more than 50 riot police, authorities said.

Some 200 demonstrators chanting anti-capitalism slogans threw bottles and stones at riot police in Berlin, police said, torching five cars. Germany is facing its worst economic crisis since World War Two.
Greek police said they fired tear gas in a clash with 300 people at Athens Polytechnic.

Elsewhere in Athens, nearly 6,000 protesters, mostly members of a communist trade union, gathered under the watchful eyes of 4,000 police. Many were angry at bank bailouts.
No reports of any left wingers in the U.S. misbehaving on May Day. I suppose they were worn out from celebrating Obama's first 100 days. But never mind, they've been known for their share of violent protests in the past and most likely will in the very near future as Obama continues to abandon his campaign pledges!

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