Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dueling Speeches: Obama and Cheney to Both Speak Thursday Morning

Obama suddenly announces speech on national security at the same time as long planned address by the former Vice President!

Question: How do you make sure the major "news" media won't cover a hard hitting national security speech by former Vice President Cheney?

Answer: Send President Obama to the National Archives and have him stand in front of the Declaration of Independence and deliver a speech on the same topic at approximately the same time.

The Cheney speech titled "“Keeping America Safe: An Address by Dick Cheney” has been scheduled for some time. Cheney's speech starts at 10:45 AM at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)and a question and answer session will follow.

No word on the AEI web site about a live video link but I'll check later to see if they post the video.

Who would you rather listen to on the topic of national security? A man who has been in office for only a few months with no prior experience or interest in the national security field or a man who was Secretary of Defense then Vice President for eight years during one of the most challenging periods in American history?

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