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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What the "Mainstream" Media Considers News: Obama and Biden Go to Burger Joint for Lunch

Meanwhile, no "reporter" has asked whether Obama will release CIA memos which former Vice President Cheney insists shows that waterboarding just three terrorists saved thousands of American lives!

Last weekend the "news" media was too busy covering Barack and Michelle Obama's walk on the White House grounds than to follow up with a question of the American lives that were saved by enhanced interrogation techniques.

And Tuesday, we have another pressing "news" story that pushes the issue further from the front pages:


Obama, Biden raise some Hell Burgers
President, vice president motorcade to local grill for lunch
Associated Press (MSNBC)
May 5, 2009

ARLINGTON, Va. - It's like this: When you want a burger, you have to have a burger.

In this state of mind, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden took a short — but wholly noticeable — motorcade ride from the White House to Virginia and pulled into a small, independent burger joint called Ray's Hell Burger.

The two leaders went right up to the counter where the meat was being grilled and ordered.

Each fetched cash from his pocket and paid, and then the pair stood like the rest and waited for their number to be called before going to a table.

The restaurant, which prides itself on premium aged 10-ounce burgers, sits in a small strip plaza. The burgers sell for $6.95.
If former Vice President Cheney's assertion about the information in these memos is wrong it would be so easy to discredit Cheney by declassifying them. The fact that no one in the Obama Administration seems eager to do that speaks volumes!

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