Biden's Shame

Biden's Shame

“History is going to judge us very harshly, I believe, if we allow the hope of a liberated Afghanistan to evaporate because we are fearful of the phrase, ‘nation-building,’ or we do not stay the course." Joe Biden February 2002

"Remember this? Biden Ad: "Strong, steady. stable leadership. Someone tested and trusted around the world. A President with the experience to lead on day one!"

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hillary in Hijab in Cairo!

Shame they couldn't get her to wear a burka!

One good thing to come out of Obama's apology tour to the Muslim world is the sight of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wearing the hijab, the head covering worn by modest muslim women so the appearance of their hair won't drive men to a sexual frenzy.

Here she is with President Obama touring in Cairo:


My what great body language between the two!

Later during their tour Hillary advised Barack to loosen up a bit:


Hillary: "Come on Barry! Walk like an Egyptian!"

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