Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 to 1 Gang Up on Cop at White House "Beer Summit"

V.P. Joe Biden had to put his two cents in too!


Barry, Joe and the boys do some brew in the White House Rose Garden!

In a statement shortly after the Beer Summit Obama said: "I have always believed that what brings us together is stronger than what pulls us apart." Yeah. That's why he accused the Police of acting "stupidly" even know he didn't have the facts. I hope he learned something.

As for Crowley, he later expressed his respect for the President and revealed that his conversation with Gates boiled down to "two gentlemen who agreed to disagree on a particular issue." No doubt Gates took the opportunity to stick it to "whitey" (his favorite phrase to demonstrate his neutrality on the issue of race)

Crowley's statement follows in this eight minute video. Note that no one apologized to him for anything:


A Bud Light for the president and a Blue Moon for Crowley. Gates drank a Samuel Adams Light, not a Red Stripe. Biden drank a non-alcoholic beer, Buckler. All served up by a white guy so Gate's doesn't go ballistic.

Massive unemployment, wars overseas and huge political issues at home and Obama drops it all for a photo op to show what a regular guy he is! Give me a break!

Related Story: Black Cop who supports Crowley called "Uncle Tom" and "traitor!"

This is what happens to anyone of color who fails to fall in with the racebaiters!

Black cop at Gates home regrets 'Uncle Tom' label
July 30, 2009

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A black sergeant who was at the home of Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. when he was arrested says he's been maligned as an "Uncle Tom" for supporting the actions of the white arresting officer.

Cambridge Sgt. Leon Lashley gave a letter to Sgt. James Crowley to give to President Barack Obama during their so-called beer summit with Gates on Thursday night at the White House.

In the letter, which was also sent to CNN, Lashley says Gates "may have caused grave and potentially irreparable harm to the struggle for racial harmony."

Lashley says he has become known as a traitor to his heritage by some because he "spoke the truth" about the arrest.

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