John Bolton

John Bolton

Monday, July 20, 2009

Action Alert: Call or Write Congress NOW!

Time to stop complaining about Obama and DO SOMETHING to stop this Obamination!

In March I responded to a Flopping Aces commenter who suggested we spend too much time complaining about Obama's reckless policies and not enough time actually DOING something to stop him before he permanently damages the U.S.A. I wrote "Basic Training for the Conservative Comeback! The steps YOU can take that make a difference TODAY!" It's a wide ranging discussion of steps each of us can take.

But today, I want to call you to action on one point. Both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are reaching critical points in legislation that if passed will do great harm to our country. Both Cap and Trade and the Dem's Health Care plans will take this country further down the road of dangerous and reckless big spending and socialism. If you don't speak up now, by contacting your Representative and Senator, then it may be too late.

Obama is already weakening in the polls and voters are recoiling against the "change" that he is bringing. Stopping these two pieces of legislation would mark the beginning of the end of Obama's plan to remake America as a socialist fiefdom. It would be, as my Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) said, "Obama's Waterloo."

Your Reps DO Listen!

Years ago, I worked in Senator Alphonse D'Amato's New York office. My job was to answer some of the mail from constituents. I learned that letters, phone calls and emails DO matter. But letters have the greatest impact. If you care enough to put a stamp on it, it carries more weight than if you email it. But whichever method you choose, your letter will be read and your opinion tallied up along with all the others.

And after you do that, make sure to send your letter or email to the editor of your local newspaper and recommend he or she run it as a letter to the editor. Use the link for your local paper or try this site.

Talking Points

While your letter should be an original expression of your thoughts, here are a few points you may wish to consider:

  • Congress seems hell bent on rushing through huge bills, which few if any members have read, that have profound implications for our country. They must stop this reckless practice. Ask that they sign the Pledge to Read card.
  • Massive big spending in these bills is fiscally irresponsible. Warnings from the Director of the Congressional Budget Office that current spending is "unsustainable" should be heeded.
  • Cap and Trade is a massive tax increase on EVERY American masquerading as energy and environmental legislation. And it won't solve the problem of global warming, even if that was a real problem.
  • The American people are increasingly fed up with the attitude that Congress and the President seem more interested in representing the wants of campaign contributors like big unions, big business and liberal special interest groups than they do average voters.

You might also let your Senators know that you believe Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, and her persistent reference to a "wise latina" making a better judge than a white male makes her unqualified to be a juror, let alone a Justice of the Supreme Court.

Just as you would with a letter to the editor of your newspaper, keep letters to your Representatives and Senators short and to the point. Make sure to state right up front that you want them to:

  • Vote NO on cap and trade legislation.
  • Vote NO on phony health care reform.
  • Senators should vote NO on Sonia Sotomayor.

If you need some help researching a particular point, or you just want to bounce some thoughts off the readers here, please feel free to ask for assistance in the comment's section below. Or, you might put a draft of your letter here and get some feedback before you send it.

Time is of the essence and we can't afford to stay silent anymore. But the only way your voice will be heard is if you act.... NOW!

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