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Monday, August 17, 2009

Beware "Public Option" Government Hell Care Takeover By Another Name

Obama's latest retreat is just a tactical move in a longer battle!

News that Obama was prepared to abandon demands for a public option from the health care bills currently making their way through Congress was viewed as a victory by some who oppose a government takeover of health care. Sadly, it's too soon to celebrate.

Obama and the Dems have shown a remarkable ability to go for the moon and the stars. And if they have to settle for just the moon, in this particular legislative battle, it still means an onerous and likely permanent reduction in the freedom Americans currently enjoy and one which will profoundly handicap our future prosperity.

A Dung Heap By Any Other Name Still Smells...

For instance, so we beat back the public option (and eliminate the death panels thanks to Sarah Palin's intervention). If instead we have federal mandated co-ops that are the equivalent of the failed Fannie Mae mortgage giant, what have we gained? How long will it be before Fannie Med comes crashing down just like the housing giant? And won't Democrats just use the new co-op as a piggy bank for their political friends in the same way they milked Fannie and Freddie for millions?

And if Obama drops the demand for a public option, won't he ask us to compromise and agree to the employer mandate which would strangle small business?

What about the provisions which make abortion coverage mandatory for health insurance or that illegal aliens must be covered? Will we now say "that's OK?" I won't.

Will we ignore the fact that Democrats refuse to allow any discussion of the tort reform necessary to contain the frivolous lawsuits that enrich trial lawyers (big Democrat contributors) and are one of the largest drivers of health care costs?

Even without the public option, we are still stuck with a bill whose primary focus is to enrich fat cats like trial lawyers, abortionists, unions, big corporations and other Democrat campaign contributors. Health care and controlling it's costs seem to be an afterthought.

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