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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Honor Ted Kennedy by Immediate Pullout of Iraq and Afghanistan?

If Dems say "Do it for Ted" in health scare debate, why not honor his other wishes?

As Dems continue to politicize the death of Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) by insisting we pass the Dem's bill for a radical takeover of America's health care system (see here and here), the thought occurred to me: why stop there?

Surely if you want to honor Senator Kennedy's memory by advancing the causes he believed in then why make it just about health care? Ted Kennedy was also one of the leaders in the Senate who demanded an immediate withdrawal of our troops in Iraq and denounced our involvement in Afghanistan.

In 2005, Kennedy proclaimed that our policy in Iraq was a "shame and stain on America's good name as a beacon of human rights." In 2006 he insisted that he and fellow Senators who voted for withdrawal in Iraq:

"Represent the heart’s cry of every red-blooded American...We hear the voice of the people, and the people say they want immediate, unconditional withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq.”
Recall also that Senator Kennedy forecast defeat in Afghanistan; calling it "a quagmire, another Vietnam."

Shouldn't those who insist we honor Senator Kennedy's memory by following his belief that government run health care is preferable to letting citizens decide these issues for themselves also embrace Kennedy's insistence we pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan NOW?

Especially when you consider that President Obama himself ran on a platform of an accelerated pullout of Iraq Dems would be eager to further capitalize on Kennedy's death by reinvigorating the "pull out now" wing of the Democrat party which he represented.

Curiously enough, an immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan seems to be the last thing on Democrat's minds these days. I guess it's no longer politically advantageous for them to promote defeat!

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