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John Bolton

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Obama's Ugly Birthday Cake

Who let this out of the kitchen?

To those who say there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans I have another item to add to the million already compiled. A Republican First Lady would never order such a hideous, comical birthday cake to celebrate her husband's birthday.

The Obama's were supposed to be the new "glam" power couple in the White House But with Michelle dressing in something that looks like it came out her daughters' art class when she visited Westminster Abbey in London I guess we shouldn't be too surprised at this:


"44?" He's the 44th President but he's 48!

It's hard to believe the world famous White House Pastry Kitchen would let something that looks like a government bureaucrat vomited official seals on it out of the kitchen.

Especially since we know what kind of excellent work they can do. Here's President Bush's birthday cake from 2006:

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