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Thursday, September 17, 2009

BETRAYAL! Obama Terminates Missile Defense Agreements with Poland and Czech Republic

News comes on the 70th Anniversary of Soviet Invasion of Poland in WWII!

Remember all Obama's talk during last year's presidential campaign about improving our relations with other nations? Well, today, President Obama gave a huge slap in the face to Poland and the Czech Republic, two allies who went out on a limb to support U.S. plans for a missile defense shield needed ever more so in an era when Iran and North Korea are threatening the world with these dangerous weapons.

The move is a transparent bid to appease Russia, which continues to refuse every plea that it help us in defusing the threat of Iran's development of nuclear weapons.

This action undermines our credibility throughout the world. What national leader will risk the political fallout of working with us in the future on difficult projects like missile defense if we simply turn around and run when a Democrat takes over the White House?

Sadly, this action signals to the nations of Eastern Europe that the United States will be less engaged with them in blocking a resurgence of the threat posed by Russia to their freedom. In the long run, that gives Russia a green light to threaten more of these nations with the kind of action we saw only last year when Russia invaded Georgia. We have thrown away our trump card in the region and will get nothing for it but further demands from Russia.

What did we gain from this? Nothing! Why is it that one of the only campaign promises Obama fulfills is the one that will make this country and our national security weaker?

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