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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Intercepted Emails Crucial to Preventing Terrorist Airline Bomb Plot; Saving Thousands of Lives

Was this the same program Democrat's insisted was "domestic spying" and wanted to shut down when Bush was President?

Using Yahoo and Hot Mail accounts, terrorists in Britain and Pakistan planned to blow up airliners over the Atlantic Ocean in 2006. The key to preventing the attacks and later to convicting most of the terrorists came from National Security Agency intercepts of emails the plotters sent back and forth.

Excellent background report here:

Readers will recall that Democrats insisted the NSA program amounted to "domestic spying" and did their best to try and eliminate it. That is, until Obama took office. He has continued the program.

One wonders if those who called this "domestic spying" and demanded it's termination would now like to explain their opposition to the thousands of Americans on board the planes which were targeted in 2006?

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