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Monday, September 14, 2009

Largest Political Protest in History was More "Green" Than Obama Inaugural!

When it comes to trash, Dems count on someone else to pick it up. Conservatives can clean up after themselves!

By any reasonable estimate, the crowds which showed up in Washington, DC Saturday, September 12th for the National Tea Party were the largest crowd every assembled on the mall for any kind of protest. The government no longer releases official figures so, it's impossible to say exactly how many, but Skye , Always On Watch , Michelle Malkin and others have compared the aerial views of the crowds at Obama's "Green" Inaugural to that of the 9/12 march. Obama's crowd was concentrated into a much narrower band than the 9/12 march which was spread all over the West Front of the Capitol and filled major arteries on both sides (photo).

But let's not quibble by comparing Obama's crowd which was bussed in by union and ACORN thugs who paid for the transport of willing dupes and the 9/12'ers who paid their own way. I'd rather compare the scene AFTER both events. Obama billed his inaugural as a "green" environmentally friendly event. Here's one of many similar views of the National Mall as his crowds dispersed:


Here's the National Mall as the 9/12'ers were heading out:


How a crowd leaves an area after the event is over says alot about what kind of people they are. Clearly the 9/12'ers are good citizens who can clean up after themselves.

Share Your 9/12 Photos!

Skye posted some of her favorite 9/12 photos here. Aye Chihuahua also posted his favorites at Flopping Aces. Stealth Fusion also has an impressive array of large format photos which show the size and breadth of the crowd.

Two favorites of mine are below:



I welcome readers who attended the event or found other interesting photos to paste links to them in the comments section. If you need a free and easy photouploader, try photobucket.

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